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Fall/Winter 2005

Volume 22, Number 2

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Four years later—and after Katrina: Are we prepared yet?


Viewpoint: Workforce Development Is Still the Key to Agency Preparedness

Jack Thompson
Logic model and Bibliography

How Ready Are We? Measuring Montana's Statewide Public Health Preparedness

Sandra Kuntz, Jane Smilie, and Janet Wang


The authors report on the results of two bioterrorism preparedness surveys (2002 and 2004) of local Montana health agencies.


Mass Dispensing in a Suburban County: Lessons in a Full-Scale Bioterrorism Exercise
Justin Denny, Eric Aakko, Robin Holm, and John Wiesman
A multi-county exercise in Washington offers a taste of the challenges in responding to a large-scale emergency.

The Longest Mile: Preparing for Disasters on the Interstates of the West
Virginia Conley and Connie Diaz Swearingen
The authors review the potential problems for public health response along major interstate highways in Wyoming.

Surveillance and Response Across International Borders
Jo Hofmann and Wayne Turnberg

When Hospitals Respond to Disasters: Emergency Communications Networks
Samuel A. Warren, Duane Mariotti, Anne Newcombe, Chris Martin, and Michael K. Copass
The authors review the communications networks that must be in place in hospital emergency departments in order to respond to a disaster.

Unified Health Command: Strengthening Public Health Response in Montana
Ellen Wangsmo, Kathryn Woodward, and Doug Moore
A Montana public health department collaborates in emergency planning and response.

Pandemic Flu: How Worried Should We Be?
Joshua D. Jones
This article, giving background information on pandemic influenza is an excerpt from a longer article.

Preparedness on University Campuses
Uwe Reischl, Vincent Serio, Conrad Colby, and Komal Mehrotra
University campuses must become players in preparedness planning and response.

Rural Readiness Depends on Teamwork: Regional Partners Help Each Other Stay Prepared
Judith Yarrow and Jennifer H. Lee
Rural health departments in Washington amplified their preparedness capacity by partnering in planning and response.

Infection Control in Veterinary Clinics
Jamie Snow and Jeff Rice
The authors describe the results of a survey of Wyoming veterinarians. Article References

Annotated Resources on Preparedness
Laura Larsson and Yuki Durham
This brief list of resources on the preparedness issues has been selected from an extensive online list.

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Northwest Region at a Glance: Preparedness Scorecard and Spending

In the News: NW States Receive Public Health Ready Recognition

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