The magazine of the UW School of Public Health

Spring/Summer 2004

Volume 21, Number 1

Public Health Tackles Emerging Diseases

Viewpoint: A Global Perspective. Our Place in the World
William Foege
Dr. Foege makes the case that we must think both globally and locally and act both locally and globally.

Human Diseases: Still Emerging, Still Dangerous
Ann Marie Kimball
The author reviews the factors that contribute to emergence or reemergence of disease.

Tracking Down a Mysterious Tickborne Disease
Gayle C. Shirley
Montana epidemiologists are working to identify an outbreak of a mysterious tickborne disease.

Research in the Rockies: The Rocky Mountain Laboratories
A brief description of an important public health laboratory.

Mosquitoes Call Stormdrains "Home"
Merilee D. Karr
The author alerts public health practitioners to the unexpected urban habitats available to mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus.

The Five D's: A West Nile Education Campaign in Wyoming
Christopher N. Thomas, Scott A. Seys, and Joseph R. Grandpre
Using the Health Belief Mode, a state health department implemented a successful education campaign focused on reducing exposure to mosquitoes that may carry West Nile virus.

Isolation and Quarantine: Surviving a Lethal Outbreak
Alonzo Plough, Jo Ellen Warner, and Michael Loehr
The authors discuss an urban public health department's planning and partnership building to handle a large-scale disease outbreak.

Hepatitis C: Not New, but Still Emerging
Jack Jourden
The author discusses hepatitis C and Washington State's plans to combat it.

Norovirus: Coming Soon to a Venue Near You
Matt Jaqua
The intestinal disorder caused by this virus doesn't usually make the news, but it does have the potential for serious local outbreaks in vulnerable populations.

Annotated Resources on: Emerging Diseases
Laura Larsson
This brief list of resources on a variety of emerging diseases and related organizations has been selected from an extensive online list.

Showcase. Winning the Vote for Public Health in Yellowstone County
Carolyn Wenger and Joseph N. Roth, Jr.
The authors describe a successful mil levy campaign in a Montana county.

Policy Watch: States' Focus on Health. What Our Governors Say About Health

Northwest Region at a Glance
International air passengers, surface imports, and waterborne imports.

Some microbes and infectious diseases recornized since 1977

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