The magazine of the UW School of Public Health

Spring/Summer 2005

Volume 22, Number 1

Health and the Built Environment

Viewpoint: Public Health and the Precautionary Principle
Steven G. Gilbert
The Precautionary Principal promotes an ethical perspective based on the idea that we must take action to protect the public's health even in the face of uncertainty.

Ways Community Design Can Contribute to Health
Interview With Howard Frumkin
Dr. Frumkin discusses ways design of the built environment affects our health, how the built environment affects residents of rural areas, and ways public health professionals can have input into land use decisions.

Portland's Smart Growth Approach May Offer Health Benefits
Jon Duckart
Sprawl leads to a number of poor health indicators. Portland's efforts to control sprawl have had a number of health benefits.

Fat Neighborhoods: Spatial Epidemiology Meets Urban Form
Anne Vernez Moudon and Adam Drewnowski
Where you live makes a difference in the quality and cost of the food available to you, and that in turn helps determine the level of obesity and physical activity.

Making Healthy Choices, Easy Choices: Linking Health and Environment
Ruth Abad
The author discusses two pilot projects in Washington State to improve people's health by increasing biking and walking trails. Resources

Creating a Walkable Community
Julie Burk
The health department in Helena, Montana, has partnered with the transportation department to increase residents non-motorized transportation options. Resources

More Daylight Means Healthier Environments
Joel Loveland
The author describes the changing attitudes about the value of daylight in schools and commercial settings and its benefits for health and productivity.

The Healing Nature of Landscapes
Daniel Winterbottom
The author describes the development of a play garden in a residential center for children with HIV/AIDS, and discusses the effects of landscape on patient health and well-being.

Annotated Resources on the Built Environment and Health
Laura Larsson and Yuki Durham
This brief list of resources on the built environment and its affect on our health has been selected from an extensive online list.

State Associations in the Region Reflect Public Health Today
Jennifer H. Lee
This brief survey of the state public health associations in the six NW states compares their histories, current activities, and future plans.

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From the Editor

Northwest Region at a Glance
Changes in Asthma, Obesity, and Transportation

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