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Spring/Summer 2006

Volume 23, Number 1

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Keeping Workers Healthy and Safe

Viewpoint. A Resilience-Based Approach to Improving Community Health
Brian Saylor, Kathy Graves, and Patricia Cochran

Urban Indian Community Responds to a Health Information Crisis
Maile Taualii and Ralph Forquera
The authors describe a unique urban Indian health research institute.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Among People with Disabilities
Nasreen Abdullah and Willi Horner-Johnson

Can people with disabilities live a healthy life? An Oregon program says "Yes."

Working with Young Men
Elizabeth Rink, Ann Zukoski, and Lena Edmunds

An Oregon program works to promotes sexual health and responsibility among high school and college men.

Connecting Autism Families with Emergency Support
Uwe Reischl, Ron Oberleitner, and Patra Simper

Hurricane Katrina left many autism families struggling. The autism community stepped up to provide support.

Practicing Public Health in Jails
Maggie Jones
King County jail health programs show that it is possible to make a difference in disease detection and treatment in one of the most vulnerable populations of a community.

Helping the Homeless Stay Healthy
Carolyn Hamlin Wenger
A Wyoming clinic for the homeless focuses successfully on preventive health.

Detecting Chemicals on Farmworkers’ Hands
Sharon K. Stoffels, Dale D. Russell, and Richard Lammers
A research project tests the effectiveness of an inexpensive method of detecting pesticides among migrant farmworkers in Idaho.

Community Connector Networks
Latricia Tillman

An Oregon public health agency builds on staff connections to help reach minority communities.

Lessons Learned: Communicating Health Information to Special Populations
J. Christie Holmgren

Useful tips for developing emergency communications programs to reach diverse communities.

Spotlight. School Soft Drink Contracts—Who Benefits?
Nicola Pinson
An Oregon organization explores the economics of soft drink contracts between Oregon school districts and beverage companies.

Annotated Resources on Special Populations

From the Dean

From the Editor

Northwest Region at a Glance. Special Populations: Selected Demographics, and Prisoners

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