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Northwest Public Health Spring/Summer 2011

Cross-border Public Health

Spring/Summer 2011 • Volume 28 Number 1

This issue grew out of a cross-border symposium in January. It drew authors from five states and three Canadian provinces and territories. Peer-reviewed articles explore immigration policy, cross-border collaborations, and the health disparities faced by refugee, Native American/Native Alaskan, and First Nation populations.

North of 60: Cross-border Partnership for Sexual Health in the Arctic
Dionne Gesink, Jessica Leston, Melanie Taylor, Scott Tulloch, Lori de Ravello, Wanda White
An international partnership between the US and Canada addresses sexually transmitted infections and health disparities north of the 60th parallel.

CDC Seattle Quarantine Station: Responding to Globally Mobile Populations
Erika Färdig, Heather Hastings, Laura Vonnahme, Peter Houck, Martin Cetron
As demographics change and new public health needs emerge, the Seattle Quarantine Station continues to serve as a gateway for newly arriving immigrants.

Second Decade Project: Lifelong Benefits of Early Intervention
Julia Yoshino, Patrick O’Carroll
The US Department of Health and Human Services is using cross-border comparative research to explore key adolescent health indicators in the Northwest.

Environmental Health Threats: Eight Arctic Nations Collaborate
Michael Bradley
Environmental changes threaten the subsistence lifestyle and traditional foods that form the social, cultural, and economic underpinning of Arctic peoples.

Hidden Health Concerns: Asians and Pacific Islanders Tell Their Stories
Gabriel Garcia
This article highlights health concerns in the Asian and Pacific Islander community, the second largest and fastest growing minority group in Alaska.

Partners in Health (Compañeros en Salud): Helping Families Help Themselves
Matthew Keifer, Linda Powell, Rachel Schwartz, Nicole Stickney
This community-based intervention uses a promotora model of local outreach workers to address the risks of metabolic syndrome among Hispanics in Idaho.

Surfing and Texting for Health: Project Red Talon Targets Native Youth
Stephanie Craig Rushing, David Stephens, Jessica Leston, Wendee Gardner
Media technologies hold great promise in health education, intervention, and data collection. This study applies new media to American Indian and Alaska Native youth.

Tribal Borders: Confronting Health Disparities and Accessible Care
Annjeanette Belcourt-Dittloff, Gyda Swaney, Gordon Belcourt
This study provides an overview of the relative health of Montana’s Native communities, describes disparities and inequity of resources, and proposes future directions.

Social Capital in Libby, Montana: Barriers to Forming Support Networks
Erin Bills
Despite an extraordinary federal response to asbestos-related diseases, Libby, Montana, residents have failed to develop strong social support networks. This paper explores the reasons.

Are We Ready? Emergency Collaboration in the Pacific Northwest
Wayne Dauphinee, Wayne Turnberg
The Washington State Department of Health and the British Columbia Ministry of Health Services have formalized communication and collaboration through written agreements.

Web specials

Student viewpoint: Farmworker Housing and Health: A Cross-Border Approach
Barbara Rose, Sarah Wylie
Two students in UW's Community Oriented Public Health Practice Program describe their transition from individual-level to community-based health interventions.

Academic-to-Academic Collaboration: An Interview with David Patrick
Jack Thompson
The new director of the University of British Columbia's School of Population and Public Health  describes the annual Cross Border Symposium, which he helped found.

Immigration Policy: Migration Patterns
Nora Kleinman
Several charts provide supporting data for the article in the print edition.

Foreign-Born Population by Country of Birth, Washington State 2005-2009 Table
Martin Cetron
This table provides supporting data for the article in the print edition.

Key Adolescent Health Indicators
Julia Yoshino, Patrick O’Carroll
A longer version of the table provides supporting data for the article in the print edition.

Pacific Northwest Border Health Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)
Wayne Dauphinee, Wayne Turnberg
This list of MOUs provides supporting data for the article in the print edition.

Katherine Hall
These resources provide more depth to the topics covered in the journal.