The magazine of the UW School of Public Health

Public Health Leadership for Changing Times

Spring/Summer 2013 • Volume 30 Number 1

This issue highlights how public health is playing a leading role in the six-state region of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. Peer-reviewed articles and interviews with public health leaders describe the opportunities for public health in today’s environment.

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Integrating Public Health and Urban Planning

Brendon Haggerty
A local health department applied research findings to local conditions and developed policy recommendations related to health and the built environment.


Informing Public Health Policy

Sami Jarrah
This article examines the importance of empirical evidence among Oregon legislators during their consideration of House Bill 2726, Oregon’s 2009 menu-labeling law.


Accreditation as Opportunity for Organizational Empowerment

Lindsey Krywaruchka, Denny Haywood, Jane Smilie
A state health department uses the accreditation process to create a culture of shared leadership.


Health Care Workers and Influenza Vaccination: Do You Need a Mandate?

John B. Lynch, Kathy Mertens, Estella Whimbey, Timothy H. Dellit
A health care organization explores innovative ways to increase influenza vaccination rates among its employees.

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