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Public Health Leadership for Changing Times, Page 2

Spring/Summer 2013 • Volume 30 Number 1

This issue highlights how public health is playing a leading role in the six-state region of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. Peer-reviewed articles and interviews with public health leaders describe the opportunities for public health in today’s environment.

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bergh-girl-piggy-bank-TN-140.jpgTransition to a Public-Private Partnership for Childhood Immunizations

Kathryn Bergh
After the loss of state funding, a public-private partnership in Washington successfully preserves the universal purchasing system for childhood vaccines.


Supporting Behavioral Health in Rural Idaho

Susan M. Esp, Elizabeth “Lee” Hannah
This article describes the need for an integrated public health model to improve behavioral health outcomes in rural Idaho.


Housing and HIV/AIDS: A Public Health Opportunity

Christy Hudson, Annick Benson-Scott
The provision of permanent housing is an evidence-based intervention that improves the health outcomes of persons living with HIV/AIDS.


Mapping Our Voices for Equality (MOVE): Stories for Healthy Change

Samantha Benson, Natasha Freidus, Afsaneh Rahimian, Nicole Sadow-Hasenberg, Seth Schromen-Warwin
An innovative, grassroots approach to health equity in Washington State uses digital storytelling.

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